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Falling for Chevron

This is my diversion from a plethera of, well, a busy complicated life. Maybe some of you are wanting to hear about my weekend, but I came home to a whirlwind of decisions to face so I’m choosing to go somewhere else with this blog.

I have fallen for this little trendy pattern and now I’m seeing it..EVERYWHERE! I realize I’m about a year behind on this one!

How about this cute dress at Nordstrom?

I found mine at Macy’s and every time I have worn it, I get stopped for directions on where to get it!

One thing about me to know is I get a small high when I see Anthropology in sight.  And what do I behold when I walk in the store, right before my eyes..

I bypassed all the clothes and had to touch these drapes.  Unfortunately these were just displayed for decoration. They were not for sale so I examined them and discovered they were painted panels.  Immediately my mind went to wondering where I could put something like these!  I’m thinking I will try this in black and white like these cool one’s I found at a very hip blog Live Like You. My piano room might be the place.

This is a bright and cheery room!

and of course, you have to know by now how much I love turquoise! This rug looks killer!


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