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Still Standing




Finally…it’s here!


An accomplishment. A piece of me. A story.

I hope that you will take Still Standing on walks, on car rides, to the gym, to prayer. There is message interwoven through every song that is my song.. my heart. Still Standing is my testimony of my journey till now.  No matter how high the waters rise, we have a promise that they cannot overtake us. No matter how far the ocean is to cross, we have One with us that is walking on water, holding our hand.  I know who Jesus is. I know how he has changed everything about me, and I pray that somehow, you will hear my heart in lyric, phrase or melody.


You can help support our ministry by ordering or downloading our music.

If you desire a cd in hard with artwork and credits you can place all orders at our bookstore here


I have also had the privilege of being featured at New Release Tues and you can read the article here 



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Hope Is Alive


Hey Friends! We are excited to share some of our new music with you today!

Hope Is Alive is available on Amazon and soon coming to Itunes (a slight delay due to a Holiday glitch in their system).   You can  visit www.trentcory.com for Mp3 downloads, soundtrax, sheet music, and  we even have a physical cd if you still want one!

Hope is Alive began with an idea Trent had one day about 6 weeks ago. We were home, kids were at school, it wasn’t planned….like at all… but about 10 minutes of worship at the keyboard turned into a vision. Trent said to me, “you know, when Jesus was born, HOPE was ALIVE” .  In a matter of moments a full song was birthed we knew we had to release. So much vision has come with this title, Hope is Alive.  We see a production, orchestration, scenes, dancers all to be created in the year ahead for the next Christmas season. We were already holding onto a song, You Light The World  (which is track #3 on the EP). I thought maybe I would release it on my recording that is soon to come, but it fit so well with the Christmas theme that we tied it together.

And with sticking to Christmas tradition, Trent arranged a rockin’ version of Angels We Have Heard On High that has a great vibe.

I truly believe Hope Is Alive will be a Christmas anthem of the church worldwide for many years to come.

Go download…What are you waiting on!! {download here}


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Worship and Faith

God is doing great things in the earth right now.  Things are aligning, people are shifting, and I believe just like the word says, “No eye has seen, and no ear has heard, what God has in store for those that love him.” {1 Cor 2:9}

We are privileged to travel to churches across America, and what we have been able to see and hear is universal in the earth. What we are hearing reverberating throughout the church and to believers,  is Increase in Worship and Increase in Faith

You really can’t do one without the other, can you?

Our Worship will bring us into the presence of God and that is where we become like Him.  That is where we enter into the Kingom of God through Jesus, our gateway.   In His kingdom, there is no lack, no sickness, no drama…

The bible says, “In his presence there is fullness of joy, and pleasures forever!”

I believe worship is the source from which wellness of life flows.

Our Faith is increased by “hearing” the word of God. {Romans 10:17}   I myself have committed to not asking for more faith, but daily listening to a podcast, on top of reading the word, so that my faith is enlarged by hearing.

Without hearing, how can we know anything? God is speaking right now to those who are listening.

There is too much at hand to miss out on what God is doing by not taking a stance of readiness!

Hearing is so imperative, because just knowing God has a plan for your life is one thing, but truly hearing when that plan is to be enacted on is a whole “nutha” thing!

Abraham and Sarah received a word from God that a baby would be born to them.

Has God ever spoken a thing to you that made you leap inside?

Sometimes that leaping on the inside causes up to “leap” too quickly.  We run on a word “out of season”.  To everything, there are times and seasons.

You know how the story goes, Sarah got ahead of God, and Ismael was born unto her maidservant Hagar.  Sarah rushed things, she manipulated, she schemed, and ultimately she produced a counterfeit. (people are rushing, and messing up junk!)

Staying in worship and in faith, will work patience in you.

I am sitting on some promises that were spoken of 15 years ago, but I know, that I know, God is faithful to perform all he has promised.

The waiting produces patience, and brings us to justification of faith.

What is justification of faith?

It is being tried,and tested, until your faith “justifies” your walk in the blessings and the promises of God.


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What’s Your Nickname?

Surprise!!!  Keisha asked me to guest blog today and I consider that a great privilege!  I must admit…..she is such a great writer I am a little nervous so be nice to me:)  For those of you who don’t know who I am, I am lovingly referred to often on this blog as “the mister.”  I am the lucky guy that married the beautiful lady that runs this fancy page!  If you’re anything like me, you have received great encouragement, cried some good tears, and even learned something about “what’s in” and “what’s out” here at Keisha’s blog.

With that being said, I think I’ll take a few moments to encourage you a bit myself today!  How many of you have something you would love to do, but you just can’t see how it can even fit into your life?  After all, there’s work, children, classes, appointments to get your nails done, workout time(pray for me on this one), bills to pay, favorite shows to watch, date nights, soccer games, dance practice, church on the weekends(you should go and not just watch on the internet:), facebook updates, tweets, and a million other things grasping at every second of your time!  Wow….it’s mentally draining at times just to think about it!  Nestled somewhere in the middle of all of the things that life seems to demand of us lies the part of you that is made for more than tasks, to do lists, and appointments.  The you that wants to feel like you’re doing more than just running like a chicken with it’s head cut off!  So where I am I going with this?

I have seen in my own life at times that we can create so many things to do, that we take away our ability to do what we love the most.  The things that bring true satisfaction in our lives.  I have also found that most of the time, the “thing” that we are missing, and are often “too busy” to do involves giving away our gifts.  For those of you who regularly find the time to serve humanity with your gifting, you can attest to the fact that there is no greater satisfaction than being the answer to someone else’s question.  Or even being the God intended solution to someone else’s problem.

Whether it’s serving in your local church, feeding the homeless at a shelter, being “team mom” for a bunch of little sweaty kids, or sending a note of encouragement to a friend who may be in crisis, there is a fulfillment that comes to your life when you make time to “gift” yourself to others.  Someone, some organization, or even your own family are waiting on the thing that only you can provide.

Take this blog for example.  I have watched Keisha for some time have a deep desire to write.  For years she has wanted to do it not because she wants to have a cool blog, but because something inside of her has wanted to share her gifts to help someone else!  It has been like a butterfly pushing to get out of a cocoon.  In the past, she felt like she was so busy she couldn’t think of adding another thing to the plate, but the desire would never leave!

Finally it was like a line was drawn in the sand……No more would she sit back and allow the “thing” that she knew she must do be stopped!  It has landed her in the Cory house with the nickname “blogger girl” by our kids!  It has required her to push back and become a better time manager and cut out the stuff that is unnecessary.  She began to ask herself the question we all must face, “What is it worth for me to be able to find fulfillment and maximize my gifting?”  Is this her job?  No….it definitely doesn’t provide any big “paycheck” in the sense that we in America consider “work.”  It does so much more for her than any amount of money could provide.

Bottom line…..it’s time for you to become more than a series of reminders on your iphone or blackberry of the things that you have to do.  It’s time for you to reveal the unique thing inside of you that God needs on the earth NOW.  It’s time for you to get a nickname:)  So what will your nickname be?  Go get it, and watch the rest of your life be filled with satisfaction that only comes from within.  Blessings to you all…..it’s been great to have a cup of coffee with you!  BTW….my real name is Trent


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A Year Gone Bye

I’m the last one awake at mom’s house. We have been here celebrating Christmas and everyone has gone off to bed. It’s so quiet my thoughts are actually leading me somewhere. I just realized that it was at this moment last year that I was sitting on a sofa with my in-laws when a text came through that would chart the first portion of 2010 for us. My husband, being the helper that he is, saw a friend in need and extended our support to a church in Louisville Kentucky. I mean, that is what we do. We consult with churches to build music teams, we lead worship, one of us or both. We fill a need if we can fill it. Trent offered my services to a church that was in need of a worship leader. At first, I thought, no way, this is crazy! How could we move our family to somewhere I know nothing about?! Moving was just one option far off in our minds at that moment this time last year. We were only at the beginning stage of setting up plans of assistance and that meant I would travel on available weekends to Louisville to fill-in the gaps for them. As the weeks passed by and I had visited Louisville several times, it became a place of interest to me. I had been yearning for a place I could be a part of a team again, and have my family involved in church at the same time, yet still fill my place on the road. It was a check, check, check plus! I could do all that and more!
Through much fasting and prayer, we got the green light. Simultaneously, we received many prophetic words all revolving around our move and what we would accomplish. I will possibly get into more of that later. We had all the confirmation we needed and the good Lord knew I needed it for what I was going to face throughout this year.
As I stated in a previous blog right before this all came about, “We miss many occasions for serving because we lack sensitivity and spontaneity” (Rick Warren)

This is to be continued…….maybe a series….;)

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A New Journey Begins

My life has been an incredible journey the past few years. Stepping out on faith into what seemed like nothing in the natural but a hope and a prayer, Trent and I followed the still small voice calling us out of our “comfortable” place. God took my hand, led me off of one mountaintop, and into a mountain range of discovery.

Being on the road for this season has been so enjoyable! I have made many wonderful covenant relationships along the way, connected with kingdom-minded people and ministries, and enjoyed the fulfillment of reaching people with God’s love. Through this journey thus far, the depth of my faith has been stretched, and I have experienced first hand God’s immeasurable ability to exceed my expectations in every area.

While this has all been amazing, still there has been a void in my heart. The challenge of balancing a thriving road ministry with the demands of the Cory household has been a trip! When to leave the kids, when to take the kids, and in general how to make it all happen! Life is all about finding balance no matter what your hands find to do. The greater question has been whether I’m home with them or not, are we planted in the right place?! A place where I feel I’m being effectively used, and where my kids are being nourished.

Although I treasure the ministry time I have with Trent and that will never change, there has been a yearning inside of me to make the most of every moment. Being that I am a busybody, and not one to sit on the sidelines, we have been praying together for the right opportunity to maximize my potential, his potential, and our potential as an overall ministry. It is our goal to be effective in many areas of the Body of Christ while keeping our family as the highest priority.

My idea of being fulfilled at home would include a place where I could lead worship, and find the proper balance between my family and ministry on the road. I didn’t say stop traveling, I simply have come to the understanding that God has the ability to combine my desire to lead worship, be a mom, and carry on a road ministry simultaneously! So to make a long story short, we had arrived at a place where it was either buy a motor coach, hit the road and home school the kids, or me open my heart to the possibility there could be a church out there that embraces and understands the demand on our calling.

I’m so happy to announce that for the next season of my life, I have accepted a position as Worship and Arts Pastor at New Vision Ministry Center in Louisville, KY with Pastors David and Christel Boggs! (Can you see me jumping because I am so excited!) I have visited this church several times and have grown to love their vision and what I see God doing there. This church is straight out of the box! I will have an awesome team to build on and they are ready to move forward! They have offered me this position with the understanding of my call to at times be with Trent or other opportunities as they arise.

Speaking of Trent, he will continue the worship ministry God has entrusted to him on the road doing concerts, worship events, speaking engagements and conferences. He is equally as excited as I am for myself! He believes that this is a great opportunity to provide support for a church that is destined to make maximum Kingdom impact.

We love Florida and our Florida family. Who knows, maybe one day we will be back! One thing for sure is that God directs our path!

With all that being said, please keep us in your prayers as we transition our family to another state, and a new chapter of our life.

I am so excited
I am so excited
I am sooooo excited…
Can u tell!!


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When I'm Home, I'm Home!

I love Saturdays! And more than that, I love Saturdays during football season! A typical Saturday at the Cory’s is a real big southern breakfast, and this is sneak peak at our menu. Blueberry or chocolate chip pancakes, grits, bacon or sausage(turkey that is),eggs, and a BIG pot of coffee! I know that sounds like a good way to totally ruin all of the daily workouts we attempt to complete during the week, but that is just how we roll! Plus, my kids have just grown to expect that on days we’re home together, and not racing against the clock for church or school! Landon even likes to help cook as he is quite the little chef.

Today was a little less than that since Trent was traveling home from Houston, and were scheduled to be at Jaydon’s season opener at the t-ball field around 9 o’clock. From that point forward the race was on! Landon was being a hair model for my cousin, and Madison was set to cheer on the Port Orange Hawks football team at a 1pm game. Once we finally were delivered from the balmy humidity with a 22-0 win, we head home with a predetermined understanding that college football will rule the house the remainder of the day! LOL The boys usually glue themselves to the sofa with Trent for at least a few games and I LOVE IT! Mainly because I love them all being home. However, Jaydon and Landon are busy bodies and end up playing with friends at some point. But not Trent! If he’s home, you would think he has to send a report from each game to ESPN or something!

Another reason that I love for them to be occupied with football is that it gives me Freedom to float around and do what I like! Are there any women out there that can give me an Oh yeah on that one? Usually I will gather my favorite magazines, pull up my laptop, or paint my nails, and just be a presence in the room. Sometimes I just quietly slip out and make a run to a sale somewhere and they never even notice! My personal freedom!
The combination of the early start, kids activities, all day football, magazine reads, shopping, and a little personal girl time just makes the day feel a little extra longer! I hate how fast time seems to pass, and in some crazy way, it feels like I am getting a few of those hours back on Saturday!

My new phrase is, “when I’m home, I’m HOME!” I have reflected on the past 10 years since we had little Madison, and I realized that I had wasted too much precious time rushing to the next thing. Now, when I am gone to minister, it’s all about ministry, and when I’m home, I AM HOME! My kids have an understanding of this, and I have seen such a change in the atmosphere of our home. I had this random thought one day that our home should be a place where all of our five senses are engaged, and memories are created from those tangible experiences.

I want our home to have a memorable smell. This is where I usually get in trouble because I love the smell of chocolate chip cookies! I want my kids to take a deep breath when they walk in the door and be able to sense that mom is home! I remember as a teenager coming home from late practices, and immediately knowing what dad (or mom at times, haha) had cooked for us. There are times when I run into a scent in the craziest of random places, and it will take me back twenty years or more to a memory of home. Which now leads me to tasting, and all I’m gonna say about that is, there’s not going to be anything tasteless in my home! From food to to clothes, the Cory’s will have some taste! LOL I want our home to have a sense of touch that will remain. It’s apparent to me that when the smallest injury happens to my four year old, he just needs a hug and magically he’s better. Love is sometimes most realized when it is felt physically. Hugs, kisses, and sweet little hands and feet! Moving on to the sense of hearing, I want our home to have a sound. A sound that will make us all know that there is peace, no matter what we are up against, or how crazy tomorrow’s schedule may appear:) I am blessed to be involved in worship ministry, and I know and understand how worship brings peace. At any moment(which is a lot), Trent will fill our home with the sound of worship from the piano room. It may be in competition with 3 TV sets, dinner on the stove, and a phone conversation, but it creates a sound in our home that we will never forget. It’s amazing how you evolve as a woman in your thirties. Life has so much more meaning, and it’s my desire to make impressions that last. (well, the good ones…) That was long, but if you made it this far, perhaps it stirred the senses in your life. Live every day with purpose, and never forget to slow down and smell the roses while they are in bloom:)


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The question we start asking around 2 years old if not earlier is “why?”. Answers seem to bring closure and maybe even in some situations bring relief. In death maybe it’s a selfish question, because in some way an answer may separate us from the cause. What I’m saying is, it doesn’t satisfy us to just hear someone passed without a reason, “why” always follows. And I’m also saying that when there’s not an answer to the question, maybe we fear it could happen to us. If there were a cause, like diabetes, we feel exempt if that does not exist in our family. Some people do die without cause, proving that God is in control of our every breath. I’m just expressing thoughts. I’m so sad today, puzzled at why our friend passed away. I was told he had a seizure, but still I don’t understand why. People have seizures and live.
Danny Rivera only recently came into our lives. I believe with all my heart our paths crossed perfectly during this season of our lives. Danny contacted me to sing with us whenever there was an opportunity. He was so eager and had much desire to sing for the Lord. He sang with us in Tampa a couple weeks ago for the first time. I’m not sure he even realized what he was getting into because we try to give everything we have in ministry. By the end of our concert, we were all spent physically and emotionally. He commented several times that he was blown away at what he experienced. He talked with me about his hopes to take part in anything else we did. As I’m writing this tears are pouring. How could this be, someone so young, with so much life ahead? I know this happens everyday. I’ll still want to know why my dad died. Some things will remain a mystery until God himself reveals it.
When I first met Danny, I sensed he was entering into a new phase of life and that God was positioning him for something. Who would have ever dreamt this? Danny was a worshipper and I know he is experiencing the presence of the Lord right now. The bible tells us life is a vapor and that we are not promised tomorrow.
I have been feeling compelled lately to help open eyes to eternity. People have to make eternal decisions today. Imagine life without the presence of God, I can’t. Take away all his attributes and that is hell.
I really hope some people stumble across this blog and commit themselves to Christ. I understand Danny is in a better place and one that I long for. A place where nothing is corrupt.
Please pray for Danny’s family and his girlfriend Katrina.


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Emotional Reaction vs. Spiritual Depth

I was flipping through the channels and heard this phrase “Emotional Reaction vs. Spiritual Depth”  from a tv preacher. From where I picked up in his message, I gathered he was referring to the church services where people get emotionally carried away and walk away without hearing one word!  We produce these services with hype and emotion and push people to “manifest” in all kinds of ways,( I’m being humorous) then they leave and haven’t changed.  

The issue I take with this is, you can find some of the same people who are bucking and running and falling out emotionally in the church, the next week cussing out, flipping off, or ranting about something based on emotion. This I have witnessed many times over.   Let them get a negative report from a doctor and watch them fall apart.  No real spiritual depth.

Real depth will give you that  Job mentality, “Though they slay me yet will I hope in Him”. You have got to have roots strong enough to survive storms and dry times. 

I used to be shallow, if fact most of my christian life has been based on emotion. Whether or not “we felt something” was determined mainly on what we saw, or we judged the anointing based on what we saw.   The past three years I have been deeper in the word than I’ve ever been and it has changed me and made me secure.  Knowing your secure in God will change your worship!

It takes discipline to not get emotional. The past year I have been involved in many different environments of worship that have been extremely opposite of where I have spent most of my Sundays.  There was this one Sunday service that I remember feeling like I could burst out of my skin!  We were in a worship set, in what I call a pretty reserved church.   All the people were connected, it was one of the most beautiful times I have ever seen of people in the presence of God.  It was so real and not conjured up and there was this immense feeling of God’s glory. It was hard to contain all the emotion I was feeling. I remember wanting to display my worship in a greater way. (I really don’t know how I would’ve done that, ultimately I’m pretty reserved in comparison to some, but I had the urge!)  Then, I distinctly remember God speaking to me.  He told me He saw my heart filled with worship.  Your heart will tell God a lot more than your dance.

That’s all it took for me. That became a turning point for me.   I thought about the times I had been a cheerleader worship leader yelling at people to get up and display worship.  We can hype people up to dance but are they “just dancing”?  God is looking at our heart.  We the people judge worship based on what we see people doing.  I think that’s called works.

I have found freedom in another place I was bound.

The worship I now have is out of a pure love and its balanced.


ps. Put the hatorade down, Im not knocking flamboyant worship! I want it all!  I just want people including myself, to have pure motives.  I want our hearts, not noise, to be on display.  By noise I mean the clanging symbols that  1 Corinthians talks about.

much love


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