V~day Party Plan

Here we go!  Im realizing its Wednesday night at one in the morning, which means tomorrow is the only day to pull together everything for lil man Jay’s Valentines party.  Couldve and shouldve done that today but after working all day, we decided to take the kids  bowling with some friends.  Its not that I have a whole lot to do, I just make it that way by wanting to do something crafty.  I have searched through a few sites and found something  pretty easy toattempt over at Skip To My Lou

This will be something the big kids can do as a homeschool project to help me while Jay is at school tomorrow.  They love doing anything for their lil brother like this. How hard can it be to make some Rice Krispy treats, put a stick in them, and dip them in white almond bark, and sprinkle them with sugar hearts!

Thankfully, I have most of what I need. Im terrible about creating these projects and spending more on making them than placing an order at a boutique!

Hopefully, they will turn out something like this..

Happy Day!


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